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Industry trends

LG Innotek to Hold a UV LED Forum in China


LG Innotek will start to target the global market in full-scale by holding a UV LED forum in China. It plans to accelerate the business expansion by closely cooperating with the local companies based on its world-leading technology.

The company announced that it will hold a UV LED forum in JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao'an, located in Bao'an District in Shēnzhèn, Guangdōng Province, on May 29. The latest information regarding the UV LED technology, the market, application products, etc. will be shared with related individuals from local companies, academic circles, and associations.

UV (Ultra Violet rays) LED is an advanced semi-conductor light source that releases ultra violet rays. It has the characteristics of eliminating germs and viruses depending on its wavelength and chemically reacting with particular substances, and thus can be used for disinfection of water, air and surface as well as for medicine, biotechnology, and curing and exposure equipment.

Moreover, UV LED is eco-friendly because it only uses ultraviolet rays and no chemicals or heavy metals for sterilization. It also has a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, high durability, and a form factor of less than 1cm, which contributes to its wide applicability.

LG Innotek plans to sufficiently promote the outstanding performance and wide range of UV LED utilization through the UV LED forum in China. China was selected as the first stage for the foreign forums under the interpretation that China has the biggest potential demand.

Under the theme ‘UV LED Opens up a Clean Future,’ the forum will consist of a keynote speech, case presentations on research and commercialization, and a UV LED solution seminar.

In the keynote speech, Professor Ray-Hua Horng of National Chiao Tung University, an institution recognized for its expertise in engineering, will explain the value of utilizing UV LED.

During the case presentations on research and commercialization, experts in the industry including Kang Dong-hyun, Professor of College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in Seoul National University, Ouyang Chenyi, President of Shenzhen UVLED Optical Technology CO.,LTD which is one of the world’s top 3 nail curing device manufacturers, and Xiang Yu, Chief Product Officer of HCEN which is a water purification UV-C module manufacturer for home electronics, will introduce the actual performance result of UV LED and commercialization cases.

Furthermore, Song Joon-oh, the head of LED Business Department of LG Innotek, will present product line-ups, a development road-map, and plans of cooperation with the local partner companies, during the UV LED solution seminar.

During the forum, there will also be a UV LED exhibition. It will showcase 30 types of UV LED packages such as the UV-C LED that has the world’s highest optical output of 100mW and independently developed sterilization modules and other application products. On-site business consultation will be also held at the exhibition hall.

A source related to the company stated that, “We will actively promote the value of UV LED in China, which is the center of the global manufacturing industry and has huge potential demand.”

Meanwhile, ahead of the forum to be held in China, LG Innotek successfully held a 'UV LED forum' in Seoul last March, where over 1,000 related individuals participated from the industry’s sectors of home appliance, sanitary device, medical device, manufacturing equipment, etc. as well as from universities and associations.