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Industry trends

Extend the service life of LED PPTC


Too much heat or improper application can make the performance of the LED light source, xx electronic (Tyco Electronics) circuit protection division of PPTC products in LED applications, to help manufacturers overcome strong LED light source, thermal sensitivity problem.


PPTC components is Polymer Positive Temperature coefficient (Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficients) doping conductor made, raw materials used in series in the circuit, when the fault occurs, PPTC heat, resistance increases, so as to protect equipment from damage; When troubleshooting, PPTC reset, to return to low resistance state. Xx electronic application engineer guo tao said, as a result of PPTC components can be reset after fault clearance and circuit power supply disconnect, so can reduce warranty cost, service and repair.


LED devices are vulnerable to the damage of overvoltage, overcurrent and overheating, sharply reduce the LED light-emitting performance and service life of the LED performance and life closely related to LED working temperature of pn junction. When the LED chip junction temperature 10 ℃, the high luminous flux attenuation 1%, LED life span by 50%. As a result, the effective control of the LED junction temperature is to protect the basic requirement of the LED, in addition to good heat dissipation design, safe and reliable overheating protection is also must be considered.


PPTC is a feature of the thermal protection curve point is very rich. Guo tao said that with the increase of current, the same LED lights in different work flow,


Protected temperature point may be different, if only to a point, it will damage the overall performance, so the same PPTC protection in different electric heat flow cut-off point is not the same. And damage under different temperature conditions has its current temperature point, PPTC help LED lighting in achieved a good balance between brightness and life.


Whether auto stage lighting, LED street light, LED backlight driver, or other electric equipment with LED lights, can through the low cost of PPTC products access to the circuit for protection. Input LED, for example, most of the electrical energy into heat and not used for light, then you can give leds in series a Polyswitch device to provide over-current protection, and with the metal core printed circuit board or LED heat sink thermal bonding, can offer over temperature protection. For power input protection, drive the input protection, output drive circuit protection and electrostatic discharge protection, xx electronic series of PPTC components can provide the corresponding solutions. Even lower costs for the lighting system in use 2 kind of light source, improve the flexibility of the lighting system, adopts the combination of circuit protection components, also can achieve safety standards.