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Industry trends

Annual event in lighting industry


In order to more comprehensive understanding of the international semiconductor lighting research and industrialization of the latest progress, national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry association (CSA) on May 12, attended the 2010 groups to travel in the international lighting fair in Las Vegas. Annual LFI is the world's largest construction and commercial lighting fair and BBS, lighting industry annual event in North America, and only the commodities trading and BBS together sheng will, organizers of the innovative design, advanced style, cutting-edge technology and continuing education courses together to participants. The exhibition by the American association of North America lighting engineering and lighting design association, has been successfully held for 20, more than 475 LED manufacturers at the show presented their products, exhibition area of about 15000 square meters, professional audience are from international construction, engineering, all kinds of design unit as well as North America and other sorts of experts and decision-makers. Exhibition held same innovation contest awards and more than 200 hours of continuing education courses, attracting a large number of students from the social from all walks of life.

Between the LFI exhibition for exhibitors and traders the opportunity to communicate with each other, policymakers are products the customers to purchase, at the scene into a single rate is very high. International LED industry giants have demonstrated its innovative application products and technology advantages, LED solid-state lighting systems and lighting solutions for became the biggest highlight of the exhibition. There is no lack of among them, the chip's latest product display and packaging manufacturers, such as Cree, Osram Sylvania, SeoulSemiconductor, PhilipsLumileds, Nichia, Toshiba, Sharp, and Citizen; Downstream at the same time, manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is in the street lamp, indoor lighting series, incandescent lamp replacement solutions and landscape lighting and other fields has launched a fierce competition, embodies the concept of low carbon lighting, and present a colorful product layout and unique innovative applications. Exciting is that domestic enterprises on this exhibition occupies a considerable proportion. China's exhibition has become a very concern this exhibition another big luminescent spot. In addition, lighting design and light environment art aesthetic constitutes the partition of this exhibition is important, from the world of art, architecture and light environment integrated solution provider and other specialists in different areas together, for the LED and construction design, the lighting art and the perfect combination of interior decoration to create a good platform for the exchange and display, heralding the LED with high additional value and high creative and highly integration of light environment and lighting design well before the development in the field of view.