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Industry trends

Household light bulbs inside the uni


One day when our bulb is broken, I usually do a thing is to throw it screwed down, and then just go and buy one, which changes at the most, but is to become transparent frosted, the mushroom-shaped into a sphere, that's all. You replace the lamp at the same time, you still noticed the other bulbs do? So, now let us understand a little common sense, right under the light bulb!

Now the light bulb in the family can be divided into three basic types:

Ordinary lamp (incandescent):

Lights can be instantaneous. Set light, astigmatism, dimming is also very easy; emitting area is small, can rich luster after demonstration of illumination and three-dimensional, easy to control shadows, because they were using the longest, widest range, so mated lighting design is a lot. Because the color temperature is low, the emitted light is actually orange-red color, can render a warm atmosphere.


Emitting area, obtained a uniform light without shadows, often as the overall lighting. Compact fluorescent lamps enriched design, has also been used for local lighting, it can be installed in the transformer is a bright light can be instantaneous without flashing lamps. Fluorescent spectral curve with natural light and incandescent light are quite different, and therefore exhibit different colors, fluorescent white light is actually emitted green color (also with orange fluorescent), speaking for the illumination The problem is not, but when shooting at home should be attention.


Pattern of small, high efficiency illumination, but it is dazzling, and more heat in the residential use to pay special attention to? Best not placed in direct exposure to the eye can be a place for the lamp or local lighting effect is very good. Halogen bulbs because of small size, can be used in special shape lamps.