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Industry trends

LED lighting lamps and lanterns stan


With high brightness LED comprehensively improve the light output, efficiency and cost, and combining with many advantages such as compact, low voltage work and environmental protection, LED lighting is a lighting revolution. And under the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting can also become the target targeted by regulatory agencies. For LED lighting products specifications to follow, not to repeat early CFLS when promoting because of product quality the good and bad are intermingled, lead to market confusion, after the draft three times after the release, the U.S. department of Energy (DOE) has for the LED lamps and lanterns of Energy Star (Energy Star) standard issued the final confirmed version, and request to take effect on August 31, 2010. A key focus for the standard, it is required a variety of home lighting products of power factor (PF), lowest 0.7, these products include portable lamp, cabinet lamps and outdoor corridor lights, etc.