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Industry trends

The healthy lighting to prevent ligh


For health experts believe that the main reason for the formation of myopia is the visual environment, rather than eye habits, light pollution is mainly due to myopia, family health should be a reasonable choice for lamps and lighting.

In recent years, many families in the selection of lamps and lighting are often overlooked when a reasonable lighting needs, lighting design into colorful, in order to romance and luxury. As everyone knows, the colorful lights in addition to great harm to human vision, but also interfere with the function of higher nervous centers in the brain. Light pollution on infants and children greater impact, strong light will weaken the infant's visual acuity, affect children's visual development.

Create environmental, health, energy and nice and comfortable "green light environment," in addition to aesthetics, safety and economic principles, but also consider the following principles:

Functional requirements. Depending on the space, on different occasions, different object selection methods and different lighting fixtures, and to ensure proper illumination and brightness. For example: To warm bedroom, den and kitchen should be bright and practical, bathroom to warm, soft.

When the light is not dark or bright flashes when coordination requirements. In the selection and design of lighting and lamps, lighting and furniture necessary to consider the costume coordination. Optional lighting, consider the style of interior decoration and furniture with style and harmonious package. Lighting color, shape, style, interior decoration and furniture must be commensurate with the style, echoing each other. Fancy lighting not only can not be icing on the cake, but superfluous. Second, pay attention to lighting and bedroom space with a total area of interior height and other conditions match, select the fixture size, type and number. Third, we should pay attention to color coordination, that cool, warm depending on usage. To scientific and reasonable, to avoid glare to protect eyesight, improve work efficiency and learning; should be reasonable distribution of light source, the light irradiation direction and strength to the right, avoiding direct people's eyes. Stable lighting, dark, bright light or when not blinking.